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November 23, 2012

Hello Bob, It’s been two weeks since my Mt. Emily rifle elk hunt with you and I still can’t get the smile off my face. The way the hunt was conducted and the conditions I would encounter were exactly as you told me they would be before I booked with you. What you didn’t convey to me was the quality of your operation. Everything from the camp, the food, the equipment and mainly you and your team are first class. I felt that you were more interested in me taking a great bull than I was. On your web page you state that the north east corner of Oregon is a secret spot for big elk and I think some way you should convey that Blue Mountain Adventures and Bob Staples are also a big secret in the elk hunting world. Thanks again for helping me have a wonderful hunt and getting such a great elk.

Good Hunting,

Jerrell Coburn (817) 343-8418

I’ve hunted many years with many different outfitters and can’t say enough about my experience with Bob Staples and Blue Mountain Adventures. Even though it’s true I harvested my largest elk to date with him, I know I would have developed the same friendship I have today, regardless of whether I tagged out or not. I came as a client and left as a friend. Meals were great and the hunt was everything I had hoped for and some. Bob hunts hard and takes pride in doing everything he can to make your hunt a memorable one. Mine was one I’ll never forget. Thanks, Bob and I look forward to our next adventure together!

Shawn Schmidtke (503) 860-5450

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