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Blue Mountain Adventures is following a policy that is widely followed by Outfitters and Guides worldwide. It’s the ethical thing to do. Blue Mountain Adventures believes in Fair Chase and treating the game animals as ethical as possible. A “wounded” animal is deemed “wounded” by the guide immediately upon the shot. It could be the way the animal responded when shot, could be blood, could be he/she saw the arrow or bullet strike the animal. Ultimately the final call is up to the guide. He/she makes the determination immediately upon shooting, whether or not the hunter agrees. Our job here at Blue Mountain Adventures, is to provide you, the client, a great quality hunting adventure. We strive our hardest to retrieve any and all game animals shot.

You, the client, have the right after 24 hours of tracking your wounded animal, whether to continue your hunt, or keep looking for your “wounded animal”. If you decide to stop looking for your “wounded animal” and start hunting for another animal, that you will immediately pay $500 prior to hunting for another animal. If you end up shooting a second animal, upon ending the hunt, you agree to pay an additional fee of $1,500. This is what we think is fair to Blue Mountain Adventures LLC and the animals shot. As Professional Outfitter and Guides, we are in business to get our clients trophy animals, and it takes animals out of our hunting herd for future years when animals are shot and not retrieved.

We understand that sometimes this happens even to the best hunters, so it’s the hunter’s responsibility to ONLY take shots he/she feels comfortable with. The guide will confer with the client prior to shooting, and give the client approval whether to shoot or not. The guide will also confirm with the client, if shooting, as to which animal to shoot prior to the initial shot. If the client disagrees with the guide and shoots anyhow, or shoots the wrong animal, his/her hunt is terminated, whether or not the animal is recovered. However, the guide will still work on retrieving your wounded animal.

Blue Mountain Adventures is a quality Outfitter and we will work our hardest to provide you a quality hunting experience and we hope that you understand why we have a “wounded animal” policy. By signing the “Hunt Contract”, you confirm that you have read this Policy and agree to its entirety.

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